Turning On The Light - Educational Kinesiolgy

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Educational Kinesiology teaches specific movements of the body that can improve mind function. It uses techniques such as repatterning, which is the integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain through specific movements; stress release techniques; and balancing the energy/meridian system of the body. For more information check out the web site at: www.braingym.com.

Edu-K was developed by Dr. Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D., a learning specialist in the U.S.A. He worked with people who experienced learning difficulties and sometimes behavioral difficulties as a result of their poor learning abilities. He developed tools for assisting them to learn more effectively and to lead more successful lives.

WHAT IS Brain Gym®?
Brain Gym® exercises are movements specially designed to enhance and ease all learning processes. They are particularly effective with academic skills, including:

1) Crossing the midline. Vital for reading, writing functions etc.
2) Lengthening activities. Helps expression of stored learning, eg. speech, test taking, creative writing.
3) Energy exercises. Facilitates increased flow of energy moving through the body. Releases stress and fatigue around learning.

It is possible to explain how Edu-K works by using a simple model of the brain. The brain is divided into two hemispheres, left and right, joined together by a bunch of nerves, called the corpus callosum. Each hemisphere has special functions attributed to it. To be operating successfully for learning, communicating and moving, we need both hemi- spheres to function simultaneously. Edu-K connects the left and right brain functions through specific movements in a "repatterning" or "integration" process. When you are stressed the brain reacts by blocking the simultaneous transmission of information to both hemispheres - one hemisphere is SWITCHED OFF. Edu-K facilitates access to both hemispheres simultaneously - the person is SWITCHED ON! Edu-K can improve ability in any area because it teaches the brain to activate all its functions more fully.

Adults and Children who want to improve:

  • Reading, spelling, math, comprehension
  • Self Confidence, Self Esteem
  • Coordination
  • Concentration, memory
  • Overcoming hyperactivity or excessive day dreaming
  • Communication
  • Handwriting
  • Stress release and achievement of goals
  • Writing
  • Motivation and personal growth
  • Organizational and performance skills

Brain Gym® was selected in 1991 as one of twelve "exemplary programs that model excellence in the classroom and have demonstrated effective results". This endorsement came from the National Learning Foundation, an organization created in response to the Action Plan of the White House Task Force on Innovative Learning.

The Educational Kinesiology Foundation was established in 1987 in Ventura, California, as a nonprofit/educational organization. The foundation has since trained thousands of professionals to facilitate the Brain Gym® program worldwide. The work is being used extensively in homes, classrooms, and businesses in 36 countries. At present it is being implemented in schools in the USA after being accepted by the National Learning Foundation as an innovative approach to education for the 1990s. The Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym® books and manuals have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Children with special needs and severe learning challenges benefit positively from Brain Gym®, as is attested to by thousands of families using the activities. A more intensive program and a simplified or assisted application of the movements may be recommended by certified instructors specializing in this area of work.

"We taught Brain Gym® to 11 children who had difficulty learning. After five days, their test scores showed an average improvement in reading skills of 1.2 years, and in math skills of .32 years, yet we taught no reading or math!"

- Pat and David Saunders, South Vienna, Ohio

"After one balance, Brain Gym® has opened up a world for Jason he didn't know he could have. He reads and can tell you what he has actually read. He remembers things better. He is not as easily distracted. He is passing all his tests and is more positive. He is 15 years old."
- Bev Lowing, Winnipeg, Man., Canada

Just wanted to let you know, that "Brain Gym®" helped my son a great deal. He went from having poor math and reading skills to grade level ++ in both in a few months time with "Brain Gym®." His ability to concentrate has improved and he doesn't "fight" learning anymore. Thank-you!
- Zofia Zucki, Ormstown, Quebec, Canada

"Because of his distractibility and short attention span, my 11-year-old son was faced with taking Ritalin. Brain Gym® activities allowed him to stay focused and pay attention without chemicals. His teacher was astounded at the immediate and positive changes."
- Sandy Zachary, school administrator, Hansville, Washington

"Our daughter was diagnosed Developmentally Delayed. She is 7 years old. Before Brain Gym® she had never spoken a word, could not feed herself, was disruptive in a social setting, and a poor sleeper. Three months later she is eating with a spoon, a bit clearer in her words, can say mommy, sleeps through the night and in a social setting is much calmer and happier. We feel Brain Gym® is the tool to draw out Ashley's innate abilities. We now have hope. We believe Brain Gym® works."
- Mary & John Harms, Alymer, Ont., Canada