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By Beverly Hunter


Turning on the Light has been a process and on-going journey of discovery. The first part of this journey was a very personal one where I initially needed to find healing for my own physical and emotional issues. As well, I discovered my two children had special learning needs that the school system was unable to meet. These things led me to researching and applying tools and techniques for my own growth and those of my family. I have discovered some very effective and powerful tools that have assisted individuals in their learning process to the point where discouragement and depression have been replaced by hope and success, like their inner "light" was turned on. Hence the name, Turning on the Light Learning Centre.

The Centre began in 1996 with one-to-one work with Touch for Health and Brain Gym® balances with family and friends. Through the demand for this work, I created a business based on my deep desire to empower others through sharing my expertise and experience. By 1997 I had obtained my Instructor╠s level in Touch for Health and Brain Gym®. By 1998 I received my Instructor╠s level in Brain Organization Profiles and Vision Circles. In 1999 I was honored by the Educational Kinesilogy Foundation with the Award for Outstanding Service and Achievement. I also recently created the Brain Gym® and Balance Board workshop which combines Brain Gym® work and vestibular integration. The Center continues to expand with the addition of two other Brain Gym® Practitioners who bring their unique training, skills and abilities to the programs.

Over the past 12 years I have spoken and worked with teachers in the educational system and individuals who assess learning needs (Sylvan Learning Centre, Waldorf School and other private schools and learning centers). A common thread has emerged: gaps in our educational systems that do not meet the specialized learning needs of children who may be experiencing learning disabilities, developmental delay, attention deficit, hyperactivity, self-esteem issues, and behavioural or social issues. Our programs attempt to fill this gap.


The Centre and those who are a part of it are committed to a process of continued growth and development both for ourselves and those we serve. We recognize each individual has a unique style of learning and we are committed to understanding and respecting this uniqueness. As well we are committed to facilitating their empowerment and growth by providing tools for sensory integration, intellectual integration and personal development.


Turning on the Light provides one-to-one work with individual clients. Each client is first assessed to determine their particular learning style, blocks and strengths. Once the assessment is complete we develop an individualized plan utilizing an eclectic approach of Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®, Brain Dominance Profiles, Repatterning, Primary Reflex Integration, Vision Training, etc.), Touch for Health (health of the physical body), Structure of Intellect (a learning assessment and profile), and the Balance Board (how learning and gravity are related through the vestibular system). The Centre also offers group courses in Brain Gym®, Vision Circles, Touch for Health (Levels 1-4) and Optimal Brain Organization. Guest instructors from around the world will also offer specialized training and courses.


We work with children who experience learning disabilities, developmental delay, and behavioural, social or self-esteem issues. We also work with adults experiencing learning disabilities, trauma or other related issues.


Beverly Hunter is the Owner/Director of Turning of the Light Learning Centre. Over 15 years of experience with Special Needs children has inspired and given her great insight in working with learning challenges. Her compassion and ability to honor each individual shows both in her teaching and her individual client work. Beverly is a Balance Board Instructor and an award-winning certified Instructor of Educational Kinesiology, including Brain Gym®, Optimal Brain Organization, and Vision Circles. She is also a certified Instructor of Touch for Health.

Grant Hunter has an M.Ed of Guidance and Counselling, specializing in rehabilitation counselling and career counselling. He has Structure of Intellect Training and is a Balance Board Facilitator and Consultant. He has had over 16 years experience in various learning environments.