Turning On The Light - Popular Links

www.braingym.com - Brain Gym® book Publisher and Online bookstore.

www.braingym.org - The Educational Kinesiology Foundation - World Wide class schedules

www.iamthechild.com - helping special needs children feel comfortable in their bodies and environment with Cecilia Koester

www.ttfuture.org  - A non-profit learning design centre

www.braingyminaction.com - Canadain summer institute

www.canask.org - Touch for Health Office

www.kinesiologybooks.net - Canadian Kinesiology Bookstore

www.maggiereigh.com - Canada

www.kinergetics.com.au - Philip Rafferty

www.masgutovainstitute.com  - Dr. Svetlana Masgutova (Polish)

www.masgutovamethod.com  - Dr. Svetlana Masgutova (English)

www.artedelcambio.com - Russell Gibbon (Mexico)

 www.wholebrain.com.au - Claire Hocking (Australia)

www.movementandlearning.com.au - Brendon O'Hara (Australia)

www.pamelacurlee.com - Pamela Curlee(USA)

www.integratedbeing.com - Moira Dempsey (Australia)

www.integratedbeing.com - Julie Morgan (Singapore)

 Sher Smith (Canada)

www.heartsatplay.com - Jeffrey Scharetg (USA)

www.originalplay.com  - Fred Donaldson  (USA)